Category: Mindful Monday

Weekly post about the value and impact of awareness and intentionality.

Throwing starfish

An old man was walking along the beach one morning after a storm. The beach is covered in starfish that had washed up on shore during the storm. The old man then notices a young boy picking up one starfish at a time and…

Accountability and Awareness

Last week I talked about how truth must be reckoned with. Today, I want to expand on that some more because there are some other implications that go with it. Each of us is accountable for the truth that we become aware of. I…

The reckoning

I’m going to share something that I have known for a long time but was only recently able to articulate in a good way. Truth must be reckoned with. Take a minute to think about that. When you become aware of something that is…

Mindful Monday

Mindfulness. This topic could go in several different directions from kooky to practical. For me, mindful is a word that encompasses to key things; awareness and intentionality. Awareness is how much you have perceived and to what degree you have perceived it. Intentionality is…

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