Category: Wisdom Wednesday

Weekly post where I share a quote and my thought process surrounding that quote.

The importance of knowing yourself

Today, I have two quotes to ponder. They go hand in hand and they both deal with the importance of self-clarity. Knowing and cooperating with your natural design is the most effective way to be successful and satisfied in your life. “It is always…

How far is your impact?

How far is your impact? The truth is, you may never know. But of one thing you can be certain…YOU ARE MAKING AN IMPACT. The more important question becomes not, “how far does it reach?” but rather, “What kind of impact is it?” What…

Who or What?

This week’s quote is from a guy that everyone should know. He ran the country during the Civil War, brought about the end of slavery, and coined the phrase, “four score and seven years ago.” You guessed it, it’s good ol’ Honest Abe. Abraham…

Success or Value?

Albert Einstein said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” I love this quote because it forces me to put being successful and being of value on opposite ends of the spectrum. Then I evaluate why it is right…

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday is where I will share a piece of wisdom, usually in the form of a quote, and then talk about why I find it valuable. This week’s quote is from Amelia Earhart and goes like this: “The most effective way to do…

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