Great new business tools!

Have I got a treat for you! I have recently joined the ranks of world-changing leaders as an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. As an Executive Director, I have exclusive access to some of the best leadership, sales, communications, team building, and business growth tools in the world. Below are a couple of my favorites.

Sales Impact

Sales are the backbone of your business. Each sale has two sides, the customer’s side, and the salesperson’s side. The Maxwell Method of Sales – Impact Report will provide insight into both sides of the equation. So, no matter what selling style you have, and no matter what buying style your customer has, you can have a strategy in place to connect quickly and seamlessly close the sale.


Communications Impact

There is no denying the power and importance of communication. Knowing your communication style as well as the characteristics of other communication styles can allow you to connect with others intentionally. Connecting increases your influence in every situation.


If you would like to leverage these powerful tools in your business, please contact me below and we can make an appointment to discuss your needs and timing.